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My body, my choice

I used to have a baby doll named Baby. I carried her everywhere, kissed her plastic head, and pushed her around in her stroller. From that early age, I was being taught to be a mother that would love and care for a child. I was shown the glamorous side of loving a child, this perfect plastic baby. But no one explained to me what would happen if my baby doll was not perfect or plastic. 

Over the years, my views have evolved and changed, as they should. One view that has not changed is giving a woman the right to choose an abortion. Yes abortion, the word that I was told should never be brought up in conversation. But frankly, that is bullshit. If society was more open about it, maybe I wouldn’t need to be writing this post. But why am I writing this post in the first place? 


On October 22nd, Poland’s tribunal court passed a law restricting abortions of a fetus that has life threatening or genetic birth defects. This makes rape, incest, and harm to the mother as the only legal reasons for an abortion. With abortion on demand already illegal, 98% of abortions were because of fetal defects or death. Essentially, in Poland there is almost a total ban on abortion. This is not only incredibly dangerous, but also infringes on the rights of women. 



Banning abortions does not stop them from happening, instead it makes them more dangerous. Women turn to at home methods or back room clinics with unqualified doctors. These women disproportionately come from low income backgrounds, while those who have the privilege to go to another country can do so. Women have to bear the emotional trauma of carrying a child with no hope of life or will live a limited life. Governments are okay with placing their moral judgement on women, but have not volunteered to help with consequences.


I am not an incubator for any government or religion. I am capable of making my own decisions. Abortion is not a decision to be made lightly. It is something deeply personal and a decision that will sit with a woman for the rest of life. Instead of making women feel like murderers, we should give them counseling, love, compassion, and any emotional support they may need. 


Lets stand together and show those in power, that it is not their body. Get out and protest, write to officials, donate to organizations, and never stop fighting. 


Some great organizations to donate to:


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