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5 Ways to Make Sweats Fashion

5 Ways to Make Sweats Fashion

In the current world we live in, bras are optional and sweatpants are required.

I have always valued being comfortable while wearing clothes, but after rocking the same pair of sweats for the fifth day in a row, you may be looking for a style revamp.

#1: Layer a blazer over your matching sweats.

I absolutely adore blazers. The are such an easy to elevate even the most casual of outfits. Simply find your favorite over-sized blazer and layer it over your sweats of the day. Not only is this look business friendly, but can be a mood booster.

#2: Swap your sweats for bike shorts

Unleash your inner Instagram baddie by swapping your sweats for some cotton bike shorts. Let’s be honest you have to do the laundry at some point, so on those days opt for shorts with an oversized tee. With the summer quickly approaching, it is good to get your legs out and let them the fresh air. I like bike shorts with an oversized tee loosely tucked in for the ultimate comfy look. Make this look trendy by wearing your cutest tie-dyed t-shirt or sweatshirt. (psst… tie-dye pos to come soon!)

#3: Loose cotton dresses

Some days it is good to finally use that makeup you just ordered, brush the hair you just box dyed, and feel like yourself again. I feel my most put together self when I am wearing a dress. A loose fitting or stretchy dress is the the comfiest way to get a little dressed up. A simple dress is something that can instantly lift your mood and make you want to dance around your home.

#4: Turning pajamas into day-wear

If you don’t leave your house most days, then why not dress in your most fabulous pajamas. Lounging in a unicorn onesie should be reserved for the weekend, but during the week, break out your satin set. Make silky pants and top feel more like an outfit with your favorite pieces of jewelry.

#5: Make your sweats a set

At the end of the day, the most comfortable thing to wear is sweats. So if you are going to wear them, take your time putting your top and bottoms together. Think in matching sets. A monochromatic look will instantly make you look chic enough to throw on sneakers and get some fresh air.


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