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4 Ways to Add the 70’s to Your Wardrobe


When I hear the word scarf, I instantly think of chilly winter weather and a large blanket scarf. But it is finally spring, so it is time to ditch the idea of an oversized scarf and embrace the small silky kind. This danity accessory is the perfect addition to your wardrobe because of the versatility. You can wear it as a headband, hair wrap, around your wrist, neck and even wrapped around your handbag. It is a great piece to add some color or print to a basic outfit. Are you convinced yet? I hope so! Here are some of my favorite scarves at the moment. If this is a piece that matches your personal style, I recommend investing a little bit in a nice scarf. It is something that will never really go out of style so you will have it forever.

zara crossbody bag with scarf

Satin Slip Dress

This is one of my favorite trends of the season and when styled right, can give of 1970’s vibes. So why is this one of my favorite trends? Well slip dresses are super easy to wear, comfortable, and when styled right makes you look like an instant Instagram baddie. To avoid the “ I’m wearing my pjs” look I look for a slip dress with no lace. While Jennifer Aniston rocked the slip dress in “The One With Rachel’s New Dress” the look is a lot harder to pull off.  

My biggest tip for wearing a slip dress is layering. This puff sleeve top makes this dress a blast from the past. It also gives some more coverage which balances out the short hemline of the dress. I also love a simple white tee underneath as well.

balloon sleeve top under slip dress

Earth Tones

Nudes, nudes, and more nudes! Earth tones are everywhere this season and in some silhouettes it is a blast from the past. The best way to wear head to toe earth tones is to wear the same colors in different shades. It is such an easy way to play around with thing you already have in your wardrobe. I love wearing nude pants, with a brown blazer and white t-shirt. It is a simple color palette with big impact.

denim jacket with slip dress

Colored Lenses

This is a very Coachella, hippie vibe addition to your spring wardrobe. Blue, yellow, pink, or even purple tinted sunnies make a bold statement with little effort. It also adds a cool girl vibe to a basic outfit like jeans and a t-shirt. For this accessory, unless you know you already love, search for low cost options. Another perk of having budget-friendly sunnies is that you won’t be crushed if you lose them at a festival or at the beach.


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