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Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy

Happy Mother’s Day! 

I feel like I need more than just one day to celebrate how amazing my mom is! She is so caring, loving, inspiring, my twin, and truly my best friend. She always listens to me when I just need to cry or complain, she judges horrible fashion with me, she makes me feel at home no matter how far away I am. I could go on with how awesome she is but then it would seem like I was just trying to suck up. 

This Mother’s Day is a little bittersweet because it is my first one away from home and I really miss home. Since moving to Poland, I have been able to appreciate how close our bond really is. Even though she drives my absolutely crazy sometimes, I could not have made this huge life-changing move without her support even if it was hard for her to give sometimes. I am able to call her whenever I need her and know that she will give me advice from a place of love. 

To be honest, without my mom I would not be the woman I am today! I am beyond lucky and grateful to have not only an amazing mom but an army of kick-ass women behind me. From my beautiful grandmothers and awesome aunts to my crazy “second” mom, they have all helped to shape my life and I can not thank each and every one of them enough! 


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  1. Janine Kiriluk
    May 13, 2018 / 5:14 pm

    Thanks Honey. It is easy to be a good mom when you have a great daughter!

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