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Finding Comfort:: The “Fat” Day

Raise your virtual hand if you have ever had a “fat” day.  Let’s be honest, everyone’s hand would be in the air. I know mine would shoot up lightning quick and then probably make a joke about how I’ve had a “fat” year. Lately I have been going through a rut when it comes to how I feel about my physical appearance and how I generally look in clothes. (Real talk: I am the heaviest I have ever been and while I am busy dieting/ hitting the gym, I still need dress for the body I got). I wake up most mornings staring at my jammed packed closet full of clothes that I am sure I can style, and just gravitate towards wanting to throw on a pair of sweatpants. 


While sweatpants are amazingly comfortable, they don’t really help boost self-esteem. So what should I wear when all I want do is hide behind layers upon layers of fabric? My go-to is a loose fitting dress or skirt. Not only do I feel put together, but with a looser silhouette, I am able to through the day feeling a little more confident and much more comfortable. 

But I don’t like dresses. That’s totes okay! Dressing for your “fat” days are all about feeling comfortable and still like yourself. Wear your favorite jeans that make you feel like a rock star any day.



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