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Guest Post:: Stylish Smoothies!

Guest Post:: Stylish Smoothies!

Now that spring is officially here, it’s the perfect time to get a fresh start on something new, whether its cleaning your house, starting a new workout program, eating healthy, or starting a new hobby. The possibilities are endless, and the simplistic nature of Spring makes everything seem possible!

This spring, I’ve started incorporating healthier, wholesome meals and snacks into my diet. A delicious and easy-to-make option with endless variety is smoothies. With the right choices, you can take a variety of fruits and veggies and make a protein-packed liquid lunch that will both fill you up and leave you wanting more! The Internet (i.e. Pinterest) is a great place for finding recipes and tips, however I have made my own “how-to” guide for making a yummy smoothie.

Step One
Choose base (greens) – about one handful:
your fave greens

Step Two
Choose fruits (for flavor!) fresh or frozen – about one cup
any combo of fruits you love!

Step Three
Choose thickening agent (optional)
If you don’t like super runny smoothies like me, add one of the following to thicken it up a bit:
half or whole banana (based on desired consistency)
half or whole avocado
greek yogurt (vanilla or plain makes a great addition to any smoothie!)

Step Four
Add additional items (optional)
Chia seeds
Protein powder
Peanut butter

Step Five
Choose blending liquid
almond milk
coconut milk

These are based off the things I buy from the grocery store, so feel free to substitute anything that fits into the categories! What is your go-to smoothie recipe? Let us know in the comments below

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