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A Green DIY

I want to start out by giving a HUGE shoutout to my best friend of life Liz for the lovely photos and project idea! She made these super cute and simple indoor herb pots. 

I automatically think of spring when I see flowers, herbs, or basically anything green. Since we are days away from spring, naturally the northeast would get hit with snow and frigid temperatures. So to make even the coldest of days feel a little more like spring, get planting! 

Fresh herbs are not only easy but super yummy! Even a novice chef will feel like a pro when working with fresh ingredients, plus they are much better for your stomach and dish. There are so many you can grow so start with some of you favorite! Liz went with mint, parsley, and basil! These are great to start with because of all the recipes that use them. Mint is probably my favorite because it is fresh, smells good, and is great in mojitos!

Now you can just plant the herbs in a plain terra-cotta pot for a classic look or you can dress it up with some paint. This is the fun part because you can go cute like Liz or crazy and colorful. No matter how you decorate, have fun with it!
Want to show off your creation? Snap a picture and tag me it using #diybyginger

As always thank you for reading! 




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