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Everyone strives to be perfect: the perfect child, the perfect worker, the perfect student, the perfect partner. Honestly I could go on forever, but you get the point. We all desire perfection and bend over backwards to try and achieve it. As a women, I feel like the pressure to be perfect is even greater. I know that personally I place so much pressure on myself in all aspects of life, which tends to get me in trouble. The worst thing to do is get in a mental cycle of doubt.


The easiest thing to beat yourself up about tends to be your passions. I absolutely adore fashion and everything about it, but everytime I look in my closet or start typing a blog post I freeze and think I am not good enough. I see beautiful women with a following of thousands that always seem to be insanely more stylish than me. That quick comparison instantly crushes any hope of perfection in my eyes.


I think in the time of social media we all have on these rose colored glasses that skew our daily reality. But how can we possibly break this? I know that as much as I hate seeing the fantasy life of strangers, I would not be willing to give up Instagram. So instead of changing media, we need to change our mindset. I know it is super hard!


So how can we do this (change our mindset)? Well first we need to know that we are all beautiful in our own ways! Look in the mirror and say everything that makes you 1 in a million. I thought it was ridiculous, but my dad actually made me write down five affirmations and repeat them over and over again. They are posted on my fridge so I can see them everyday. While it is awkward to say things you may not believe, it does start to change the way you see yourself.


Another great way to stop lusting over the gorgeous luxury bags and 5-star resorts all around the world is to turn the dream into a goal. Of course I want to travel the world, own Chanel, have thousands of followers, and blogging as my full-time job, but those are all just dreams. No matter what yours are, they won’t come true unless you set some serious goals and work your booty off towards them!


The most important thing to remember though is that what we post and see online is just the material things. If you get in your head, remind yourself of the invaluable things in your life. For me it is my loving, crazy, supportive family; beautiful, supportive best friend; and loving, hilarious boyfriend. These are the things that we tend to lose sight of in a world full of beautifully aesthetic pictures.


So let us all work together to shake off the thought of being perfect with a new outlook on life. You are special and the only way to show the world is to take a risk and go for your goals while keeping in mind what really matters in life!


“You are all together beautiful my love, there is not a flaw in you”  – Song 4:7


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