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High End Bags for a Small Budget

Hi loves!

I can spend hours scrolling endlessly through Instagram longing for the luxury bags fashion bloggers and style girls alike tote around! these thousand dollar bags seem to grow on trees (along with an endless shopping budget) and makes me envious of the day when i can save up for one of my own. For now though my high end handbag has a $500 limit and mostly like it was bought on heavy discount, or nicely gifted to me!

My Coach Nomad Hobo

This is the newest bag in my collection and I am in love! I received this bag from my brother as a Christmas present. This beautiful glove tanned leather bag costs around $495 which is by no means cheap! However thanks to his gorgeous girlfriend he was able to get this for a steal! If you have a friend or family member that works in a retailer such as Nordstrom or the designers store, ask them to hook you with their employee discount. It is a great way to get a high priced item at a fraction of the cost!

Love it! Buy it here

My Kate Spade Cedar StreetĀ Small Tote

Okay so Kate Spade makes some of my favorite bags. The best part is that their site sometimes has AMAZING flash sales! I got this beauty for my birthday! It is perfect for everyday use because I can fit pretty much my whole life in it!

Love it! Buy it here

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

This is my going out, only need a few things, sightseeing bag! It is so versatile and the perfect size for a small wallet, phone, keys and a lipstick. The best part about this bag is that it comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to find your match. The only warning I have is that if you have a playful kitty, they will love to play with the fringe accents!

Love it! Buy it here

Michael Kors Laptop Tote

This is my very first designer bag! I saved my money and finally bought this large tote because it was able to fit my laptop and everything I need for class when I was in college. It is pretty old so I found a similar style just a little smaller.

Love it! Buy it here

Cedar Street Hayden Satchel

This is actually a bag I share with my mom. This satchel is a great size for carrying around everyday stuff plus a little more. Pretty much the same size as my Kate Spade tote, this bag features a convenient strap, allowing you to carry it in a variety of ways!

Love it! Buy it here

Happy shopping!




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