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Healthy Living: Workout Motivation

Hey dolls!

I know everyone says it but it takes a lot of motivation to follow through with living a healthy lifestyle!

I’m gonna be real with you and say that I look in the mirror and cannot stand what the reflection looks like. This year I have decided that in order to help my poor self image I would devote myself to living healthy inside and out!

The first and probably easiest step of living healthy is working out. The biggest hurdle is to get the motivation to get moving! Here are FIVE ways I get my booty moving:


  1. The right clothes. Seriously a good outfit that makes you feel confident in the body you have now can be an amazing motivator. I love subtle prints and dark colors in my clothes, but the best part of being at the gym or on a run is that you can go as bold and crazy as you want! Fabletics has some really great prints at like insanely low prices.
  2. A smart band. I just got a FitBit for Christmas and I love it. It constantly reminds me when I’m being lazy and should maybe move. Now this doesn’t work for everyone but if it does for you then put it on and get moving!  
  3. Rewards. Everyone loves to get rewarded for their hard work, so why shouldn’t you get something for all your hard work. Write down small goals for yourself whether it is amount of weight or time for cardio. By breaking your goals down, it is much easier to stay on track and not get discouraged.
  4. Yourself. The biggest motivation for being healthy is YOU! Look in the mirror and do it for the person staring back at you. IF you ever need a pick me up just tell yourself that you are worthy of treating your body to the very best. Because let’s be honest you are the best and it sucks to let yourself down!
  5. The end goal. As much as people will say it’s a lifestyle, there is always a goal in mind. Once you’re finally reach that goal, the maintenance of your dream body becomes the lifestyle. So do what you can to remind yourself of that goal everyday whether it’s a picture, number, or percentage make sure it is right in your face!

Good luck and smash all you goals! 

Special thanks to my trainer @jaredtrainsu for letting me snap a few awkward gym pics


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