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New Year, New You: Style Goals


Happy 2017 loves!

It is that time again when everyone breaks out their phone or paper and pencil to start making a list of goals! Whether it is to find a new job or lose weight, everyone has a long list of things they want to do in the new year in order to better themselves. For some, finding that starting point is the biggest hurdle. Well that’s why I am here, to go over some style goals for 2017!

THAT outfit

Okay so this goal is more focused around getting fit or losing weight. Most women out there have that one outfit/dress/pair of jeans that they sweat over in order to fit in. This should always be a goal not only in order to feel like your best self but live a healthier lifestyle.

Key Pieces

This is always a goal of mine that I am determined to make happen at some point this year. This goal is is to minimize my closet to focus on more key pieces. These are the ones you wear basically everyday and define your own personal style. My closet is overflowing with clothes and in order to save space, I want to focus narrowing down to the pieces I wear the most.

Change It Up!

This is all about having fun! Every couple of months or so it is fun to regain some inspiration and try a piece or outfit pairing that is out of your comfort zone. I can say that I am personally good at trying everything on but when it comes time to rocking it in public, I fall short. So to really make this goal a reality, confidence is key!


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