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Inspired:: Queen B

beyonce inspired

Hello dolls!

Omg how many of you are obsessed with Beyoncé?! How many are just living, sneezing, crying, feeling for her new album?! Well I am proudly guilty of both Because I mean only she can make you question whether your boyfriend is finding girls with good hair when you don’t even have a boyfriend!

Besides her amazing album the visual video was a work of art. The cinematography was stunning and the fashion was a source of such inspiration. That brings me to my post, finally.

This look is inspired from the visual video for the song Hold Up.

Now it’s not exact but hey that is why it is called inspiration! I played with the flirty Spanish style with an off the shoulder top and a light midi skirt.

Try your version and use the hashtag #stylebyginger to show off your inner queen B!
With love,


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