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My Permanent Artwork

My Permanent Artwork

Happy spring loves!

Can we talk about the weather?! I am definitely a fan of being able to let legs come out of hiding and see some sunlight. That being said it is still a little cold for my liking here on the east coast, but I will take it.

Now today’s topic is going to be one that you either love or hate but I am personally obsessed with and that is my tattoos! Now I know that some people really do not enjoy the concept of marking your body permanently, however it is my body and I see my skin as a canvas that is just itching to be drawn on!  I only have four so there is plenty of my pale skin visible.

I’m going to start with my first one. I have the words “now I am a warrior” on my ribs. I wanted to represent that I am stronger than my past and while it may sound strange to most it means quite a lot to me. Now for the burning questions:

Did it hurt? Of course! but not as much as I thought it would

Did your parents know? Nope! I hid it until the day I graduated college (which was only a couple months from when I got it)



Next one on my list is my wrist tattoo. This little gem is a semi colon that has a way deeper meaning than just punctuation. If you have never been on Pinterest, there is a thing called the semi colon movement. The goal of this is to support suicide prevention and ultimately the tattoo mean life, like a sentence, could have ended but you chose to keep going. While I have never attempted suicide, I have had a battle with self harm that has controlled my life for many years. I got this on my left wrist because this is the place I used to mark with cuts but have decided instead to mark it with a reminder to keep fighting.


Now I know that was pretty deep so to lighten the mood, my next tattoo is a hanger, yup a simple clothes hanger on the back of my neck. This doesn’t have as much meaning, it simply represents my love of fashion! I have been obsessed with fashion since I was little and could seriously not imagine it not in life!

DSC00974 (1)

My last tattoo I have is of a bible verse on my inside elbow. The verse is Song 4:7 which says “you are altogether beautiful my love; there is not a flaw in you.” Okay first, this is the only bible verse I have memorized, like the only one ever! Second, not only is it beautiful but symbolic of my current stage of life which is the road to self love.



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