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Why I Hate Shopping!

What?! A fashion blogger that hates shopping? No, don’t worry I love wearing the latest trends and constantly filling my closet with new pieces, but it’s the process that sometimes isn’t so glamorous.

  1. Going to the mall can be exhausting! If you don’t live close to any big stores sometimes it could take you an hour or more just to get to a decent mall. Once you get there you spend the next few hours walking around aimlessly, scouring through rack, trying on clothes, and standing in lines. By the time you make back to your car, it is nap time.
  2. There is so much stuff! When I go into a store with a sea of disorganized racks, I feel really overwhelmed. This is especially frustrating when I have a specific item or style I am looking for.
  3. My size never seems to exist! I am the most boring and normal person ever, so naturally all of the clothes in my size are sold out. The two words “sold out” or the words “no more in that size” are the most heart wrenching when you finally find that perfect dress or other must-have piece!

So okay how do I overcome most of these problems, well I do most of my shopping online! Now its not perfect and things can still be sold out or not fit once they arrive, but finding pieces and the feeling of getting a package when you get home is the best!

Not only can you find some awesome deals, but more than likely you will find some pieces that you wouldn’t know about otherwise!

In the end it doesn’t really matter which way your prefer to get your hands on the latest styles, just as long as you stay fabulous!

Some of my fave places to shop:

Nasty Gal


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