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Does Size Matter:: Bag Edition

Hi loves!

It is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year, New York Fashion Week! Ah my goal one day is to sit in one of those tents and see the beautiful creations of so many fabulous designers walk down the runway. Until then though I’m stuck an hour and a half away in New Jersey grinding away at my dreams!

For today I thought I would share some insight into bag sizes. I think the right bag can really elevate an outfit plus you need a place to keep your phone safe! Knowing what size bag you need for every occasion is the true struggle. I am going to highlight three size bags in different styles, how I use them and basically what I can fit in them!

I’m going to start Goldilocks style and talk about the bag that is too big.

This is my work horse bag. It is a Michael Kors Jetsetter Laptop Bag. I have grown so attached that I have even given her the name Big Bertha (yes, I am weird and name my bags). Now because this bag is so big, and can pretty much fit my entire life in it, I tend to only use this one for work. It holds my laptop, iPad, chargers, planner, wallet, phone, snacks, camera, a few tubes of lipstick, and pretty much anything else i decide to grab that day. When I was in school this was also great to take to class! While I love Big Bertha, she is a little too big for my everyday needs.

Now what about a bag that is too small?!

My Rebecca Minkcoff Mini Mac is my newest love. I don’t have a name for her yet but I absolutely love how small it is! This bag really keeps me down to the bare essentials when I am out. I will grab this bag if I am running out to the store or a night out on the town. Because it is so small I tend to only keep my phone, small wallet, lipstick, keys, and maybe my sunnies if I need them. that is pretty much all I need wherever I go.

Finally, the bag that is just right.

Now for some, this bag still may be too big, but for me personally I think it is the perfect size for everyday use. Walking around on vacation or just a casual day out, this size bag will hold a surprising amount of stuff without looking like it. This bag is a city bag from Zara. It is a year old but there are always super cute city bags at Zara (plus, they are under $100). In this bag I can fit my phone, wallet, a bottle of water, camera, keys, sunnies, snacks, and other essentials.

Thank you for reading beauties!




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