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Birthday Style: America Edition

Happy July 4th!

Every 4th of July I fill up on turkey burgers and macaroni salad. After the plentiful amount of food, there are fireworks filling the sky with so many pretty colors. It is such a warm and fun day, however when it comes to fashion, I feel as though many forget to look fab. I want to help you go from clique to classy at your barbecue on Saturday. A lot of times wearing something with the colors of the flag rather than the actual flag is much easier then doing a last minute Target run.


I think the easiest way to dress for Independence Day is to throw on a dress. Not only will it keep you cool on a super hot day, but it gives such an effortless vibe. Here are two of my favorite dresses for this holiday:


Another way to add some spirit is in the accessories. I’m not talking about your grandmother’s flag pin, but rather something a little more subtle. I am obsessed with stars, starbursts, basically anything that may look like a firework. Try reaching for pieces that are in a solid gold or silver metallic! I am in love with these ear jackets from BaubleBar.

ear jackets

And you know I didn’t forget about the shoes! Picnics and parties, you want to be comfortable. Wearing a slip-on shoe like Toms or Vans, is an easy way to go from the street to the beach. If you are willing to actually tie your shoe I love either white Converse or Keds.


All together you will look like a patriotic beauty! And in the words of Katy Perry remember, “baby you are a firework, go ahead and watch those colors burst.”

Have a great weekend my loves.


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