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The Real Girl’s Guide to Swimwear

It is finally warm out and that means bathing suit time!


It is always a stressful time for us ladies because we want to look “swimsuit ready”. I dread combing through countless magazines try to find the bikini that will make me look like one of the models. I am no model so my pictures will highlight the suit instead of the body. I feel like so many people write about every body type under the sun and what will look good on them. I want to simply highlight the most important aspects of swim suit shopping. While this saying haunts most of us, it is actually quite simple. All you have to do is put on a swimsuit and BOOM you are ready to hit the beach. The trick is to pick the bathing suit the will flatter your body the most and is also fabulous.

For my curvalicious beauties: there are so many options to make your body look amazing! A curve hugging one piece is honestly any girls best friend. A super cute one piece is so flattering and allows you to strut your stuff without having wardrobe malfunctions.

Legs for days: If you want to achieve the look of mile long legs, you can either stretch them out (not advisable because it would really hurt) or wear a super cute high waisted bikini. Not only will it slim the tummy but it rises the waistline, making your legs seem longer.

How to make the booty work: Women seem to have two problems when it comes to their bum, it is either too small and flat or too big. No matter what your concerns are, there are certain bottoms that can really help. For those who want to give the illusion of a full booty, your best friend will be ruffles. Ruffles add bunching in all the right areas. It is essentially opposite for those trying to hide their booty. These girls want to look for solid, full coverage bottoms that cover a little bit more then a string bikini bottom.

From A to D: Yes I am referring to cup sizes. For those ladies that are more flat chested, you don’t have to shy away from the bikini. Just like for women with smaller booties, you want to find tops with a ruffle detail and some padding. Both of these will help you appear from an A to a C! Now for girls with larger breasts, it is all about support. There are some super cute bathing suit tops that are really supportive but don’t look like a bra.

It doesn’t matter your shape or size, anyone can rock a swim suit and be beach ready. My biggest tip when going swim suit shopping is to remember that you are all beautiful and as long as you feel fabulous and flawless, that is all that matters!

P.S. I have a logo! I am so in love with the design and cannot thank Enlil Communications enough! It is super cute and I hope that you all love it as well. I pretty much will be putting it everywhere, from my pictures to signatures!


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