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Chit Chat:: Life Update

Hello my beautiful unicorns! I am back and it feels so good. Where have I been? Well my entire life has been kind of insane, thanks for asking. If you don’t follow me on instagram (which I recommend you do!) then you probably have no idea that I am moving to Warsaw, Poland! Yes, I know it is very far and no, it is not grey and communist. I cannot wait to start this amazing adventure with Paul, and see where our lives take us.


Other than preparing to move halfway across the world, I have honestly just been in a funk. I love the idea of being a fashion blogger and sharing my style and maybe helping a few people along the way. But, when I see other women out there with a seemingly unlimited clothing budget, designer duds, beautiful photo locations, and amazing blog post concepts, I get self-conscious. When I start to compare myself to others, I tend to freeze and become uninspired. Hence, why I just haven’t been putting my heart and soul into my blog.


It’s time to get out of my head and just be myself! To kickstart this I redesigned the layout of my blog. I real love how clean and fun it looks. My goal when trying to figure out a design was to make the pictures bold and there was plenty of  space to show off all the categories I want to talk about.


Thank you for reading and I can not wait to see you back here in blog-land!


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