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Lipstick Chronicles:: Going Nude

Hi beauties!

I have a tendency to name inanimate objects that I just love! Does anyone else do that? I took a philosophy class in college that explain a theory behind doing this, I honestly forget the theory, but I think it is just because I get so attached to certain things. For example my first car was named Steve and my Michael Kors bag is named Big Bertha. This week I thought it would be fun to live my life through a shade of lipstick. Could you imagine if there was a Gossip Girl sized story behind every tube?!

I thought a good starting place would be a basic pink-y nude. I’m going to call her Jane because I think of the “plain jane” in the sense that it goes with everything! Do want a “Jane” in your life and go nude?

What can you wear?

EVERYTHING! Being the perfect shade for every occasion, picking an outfit is no different. Keep an all black look simple or a casual day around town a little more put together. Seriously you can do no wrong when sporting the “your natural lips but better” color! 

What is the perfect match?

This is a personal choice for the most part. I recommend going to sephora or ulta and try on a whole bunch of different shades. Honestly you can tell right away if a shade works for you or not. Typically the lighter shades wash out most people, unless you are very pale. I personally like a nude with pink undertones because it looks the most natural (aka my real lip color). 

Thanks for reading!




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