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Skincare Review: Let’s Talk Mini Facials


Hello dolls! I hope everyone has had a great week! I was lucky enough to go see Adele at Madison Square Garden on Monday. It was honestly the best concert I have ever seen and would go back in a heart beat. Can I also take a minute to mention that she is absolutely gorgeous too!

Speaking of being gorgeous, an important step to staying flawless is skincare. It is so hard for me to find skin products that I like or that I even use on a daily basis. A fun way for me to hunt for the holy grail of skincare is to try samples! Confession, I collect all my free samples and keep them in a drawer! So whether you are traveling light or want something fun to do with friends, small kits are perfect to have on hand.

One little kit that I have been loving for travel or even just test out is the mini facial from Rodan & Fields! I reviewed it and now want to share all my thoughts and very honest opinions!


The kit came with instructions, a micro-dermabrasion paste, night serum, and lip serum.

Having dry skin and frequently experience break outs, I love a good exfoliator. This paste definitely gets all the dead skin off, making your face feel brand new. A little bit went a long way which makes it a good value. It does have a strong scent which for a face product is not always the best. I would recommend that if you have never used a harsh exfoliator, this one may be a bit harsh.



This serum is packaged in a cute little blue squeeze tube. It may be small but a little bit goes a long way! It made my skin feel super soft and the thing I liked most was that it wasn’t greasy on my skin. A small disposable bead is super convenient for traveling and actually keeps things mess free.



The last step in the mini facial kit is a lip serum. I had to read the ingredients carefully because I am allergic to castor oil, which is in a lot of lip products, but luckily this one was castor free! Like the facial serum it is in a little bead container that has a ton of product in it! Both serums and the paste were able to cover my whole face at least twice which gives you even more times to fall in love!


For a girls night in or a fun party favor this kit or even a stock pile of samples is a great way to stay gorgeous!



Kindly sponsored by the beautiful Rodan & Fields consultant Devin!


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