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Chit Chat:: Owning Your Style


Hi Hi Loves!

Over the past week I have been having a consistent thought… why do we always try to mold our style to trends and those around us?  Now some may not be guilty of this but I for sure am! I look at trends and certain pieces with such lust and determination of getting my hands on them. But why? Last weekend I went shopping trying to finally purchase a button down denim skirt. I have seen them on style bloggers and even friends on my Instagram. When I tried the skirt on though I was quickly disappointed, it just didn’t look right on me. It may have been the cut or the fit but deep down I think it just wasn’t my style.

For those who know me, I love neutrals! My whole closet is basically variations of white and black with a few colors thrown in between. It is what I feel comfortable in. Besides color I would describe my style as simple elegance with a little edge. With that in mind some trends just don’t work! I could buy and wear them but it won’t make me feel my absolute best.

That is what finding your style is about, feeling like the most beautiful and radiant you! Once you find a style that matches you (this could take years and evolve over time) shopping will become a breeze. If you have trend envy, find a piece similar that better goes with the rest of your wardrobe.


How do I find my style you may ask, well let me try to help you!

  • Take a long look in your closet, find similarities between pieces
  • What makes you feel you absolute best? I am talking magical unicorn hottest woman alive best!
  • Go online shopping. What do you tend to gravitate most?
  • Lastly either look up styles by name or make up your own!

‘Remember ultimately be yourself and have fun!

Thank you for reading beauties,



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