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Workout Gear and Being Happy

Hello my lovely unicorns!

Before I start in on the fashion I am going to get a little personal with you. Recently I have gone through a life event that has challenged me to open my eyes and decide what kind of person I want to be. In order to prevent myself from bursting into tears while writing this I want to share what I have become aware of. I need to be happy! I am on a mission to loving myself, changing my flaws, and trying to let myself live a little more. That being said, it is a goal of mine to really dedicate myself to my passion, which is blogging, sharing, and teaching about fashion!

One of the things I am doing to make myself feel better overall is working out! I never realized how much it really helps me mentally until I went a few months without it. For me, the best way to get back into working out is buying a cute new outfit! Hit up the athletic section in any department store, Victoria’s Secret, or even Target and get what is going to make you feel fabulous in the body you have.

I recently purchased these exercise leggings from Victoria’s Secret and I am in love with them! They are comfortable and have a convenient pocket in the waistband. Now I pretty much only wear these pants to the gym, but exercise comes in all forms so I went the my local playground which instantly brought a smile to my face! Not only do they make you feel like a little kid again but you can get a workout in if you are willing to be a little creative.


From swinging to smiling, life is all about being happy and having fun. I hope enjoyed a little bit of my current life journey !




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  1. Your personal trainer
    February 24, 2016 / 2:15 pm

    Very well written
    You are amazing 🙂

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