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Four eyes and Four pairs

Hello my lovely unicorns!

So if you haven’t noticed I wear glasses, yes real prescription glasses! I have had to wear glasses for basically as long as I can remember and gone through a lot of different pairs. Sometimes I try to struggle with wearing contacts but most days I opt for throwing on my trusty eyewear, especially when I am running late in the morning.

Currently, I have only one pair of glasses which I love but, I think it is time for something different. Right now I rock purple Ray-Bans pretty much everyday, giving every outfit a subtle pop of color, but they weren’t the most affordable. Normally prescription glasses cost a pretty penny, so for my new ones I wanted to find something online that was still stylish but not the price a new iPhone. After some searching, I found the brand Warby Parker and fell instantly in love!

You can choose five pairs of glasses and try them on at home! After five days of asking for opinions and getting the feel for them, pick your favorite(s) and send them back. It is such a simple process and makes buying glasses super easy.

I received my box the other day and thought I would show off the four different frames I chose (the fifth were sunglasses).

1. Haskell in Blue Jay!


2. Simone in Tea Rose Fade!


3. Chamberlain in Crystal!


4. Lionel in Brushed Navy!


As you can see different shapes, colors, and styles of frames can really transform any look. If you need glasses (or don’t) try to think of glasses as another accessory in your wardrobe. Remember it is all about what will make you feel most like yourself and work best you! No matter what you choose, rock it!

With love my beauties,



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