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Winter White


 Hello loves,

It is officially winter here on the east coast, with a visit from the Jonas brothers and all! While I am not the biggest fan of the freezing temperatures and mess white stuff, when snow does first fall I love grabbing a few shots. So after the blizzard stopped and there was a clear enough path to get out of my house I threw on some light colors and had a little fun!


 This outfit was not only warm but super easy to recreate. All you need is a light washed pair of denim and an over sized sweater or sweatshirt. I choose to raid my dad’s closet and throw on a comfy white sweatshirt! That’s it. Layer on some chunky necklaces, roll up the sleeves, trade the boots for heels or flats, or even grab a belt and cinch in your waist.

With such a simple base, you can change up this outfit in so many different ways. Show off your creation by using the hashtag #stylebyginger !

If you live in a place where it is winter, stay warm and if you live were it is warm, I am super jealous!

 With love,



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