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Fall Collective: Lippie Love

0b3d516c6acaa732252f9c5c1200cafeHello fellow lippie lovers!

I am starting a new weekly series courtesy of my best friend! Her favorite season is fall, and I mean I can understand why. So each week I will highlight fall trends, advice, obsessions, even a little DIY!

To kick off this series, I chose one area that I always have on hand, lipstick. Lipstick to me is my favorite item of makeup because it can truly transform your look. The easiest and chicest look is an all black outfit with a wash of lipstick. Whether its red for a classic look or bright barbie pink for something more girly, literally lipstick can change your life, well your fashion life.

As a fellow lipstick addict I thought I would share my fall trends, starting with the lightest, a natural pink (or your lips but even better look).

pink lipstick

  • The products I used were the lip liner Pink Treat from Mac and liquid lipstick from Colourpop in the color Solow.


My lips are so tiny! But I love the brown lips trend. I haven’t found my perfect color yet but I do really like this lipstick from Coloupop in Cookie.


Yes please! This lipstick trend is the dark dusty rose color. This liquid lipstick is from Anastasia of Beverly Hills in the color Veronica. It will probably be one of my new fall obsessions because the color is just so versatile and gorg!


This is that bold red that looks AMAZING with black! With reds it is all about your skin tone and making sure it does not wash you out. This red that works for me is from Anastasia in the color Sarafine. Another red that I love is more of a brick red from Colourpop in the shade Avenue.


The last trend is a super rich berry or for those that are really brave, black! I am on the hunt for black but in the mean time I love this combination of Nightmoth lip pencil from Mac and a NYC lipstick in Mahogany (P.S. It’s only $1).

As always thank you for reading!





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