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70’s Love: Fall Trend


Hi loves,

Fall trend

The 70’s are making a huge comeback this season. So break out your mom’s suede skirt and billowy tops. Now if you don;t want to go full That 70’s Show, there are plenty of was you can rock this fall trend in more muted ways.

The first thing to do is look at the 70’s color palette. In the time of peace and love look for earth tone colors. this color palette will look good on any skin tone because it occurs in nature. What does nature have anything to do with skin tones? Um, basically everything. Think of natural occurring colors as organic food. It is good for everyone! My fellow fair ladies look awesome in mauve pink and a mustard yellow. Ladies with darker tones look really good creams and brick reds. Just remember 70’s = earth tones!

Print mania! For those willing to be a little risker, go for a bold print. Look for something that should be in a kaleidoscope or just really fun! 70’s print are very graphic and cover the whole surface of the fabric. Another way to step it up, and be comfy is find a blouse that is a looser fit. Trust me you will end up living in it!

As always thanks for reading!




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