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My July Favies!

Hello loves!

I cannot believe it is already August. Why does it seem that summer goes by so fast and winter lasts forever?! Besides my wish to find a way to slow down time, I thought I would share with you beauties what I have been loving all month long. I love seeing peoples monthly favorites for not only inspiration but it is a great way to discover new products or trends.

In order to try and keep this post organized, I have broken down my favorites into several categories. Let’s start with the most drastic favorite of the month.


I have been loving my new ‘do for the summer. Earlier in the month I chopped off a couple of inches and got rid of a lot of my bulk. It may not look like it, but I have super thick hair. If you want to chop off some of your hair, I would recommend finding lots of pictures and express to your stylist main concerns.


MY favorite piece of clothing has to be my bright pink tulle skirt. It is such a great piece to have because not only can I dress it up but I can also dress it down. While it does take some confidence to rock, it does have the ability to make you feel super girly. I think another reason why I have been in love with this skirt is because I made it! Yup, thats right, it is a Style by Ginger original.


July was seriously all just about my lips. First I have been loving liquid lipsticks. Basically all of them are amazing, and while I have quite a few different brands, I decide just to take a pic of the one I was wearing. This grey taupe shade is not only stylish but also a great shade to consider going into fall.

The next lipsticks I want to highlight are literally my obsession. No joke, I can not get enough of them. They are….. Chanel lipsticks!! I know, I know. Yes they cost a pretty penny, yes I didn’t need two, but seriously it was worth it. While these two colors are different, they both go on so smooth, look amazing, and just feel like Chanel. Even if you don’t want to buy them or are like me and really can’t afford them, you should at least go check them out. Nothing wrong with just looking!


My Rebecca Minkcoff Mini Mac has become one of my go-to bags. It is perfect for running errands or even a night out. For how small it is I can still manage to fit a ton of stuff in it. It keeps me minimal to just the essentials instead of filling it with my entire life.

Thank as always for reading!


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