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DIY:: My Makeup Vanity

IMG_0442_2Every fashionista needs her space (big or small) to get ready for the day. Living back at home, my space is very limited and I basically only have my room. Without spending a lot of money I want to create a space where I could sit down and blog, put on my makeup, and sketch out clothing ideas. For a relatively small amount of money I was able to achieve that and more!

The desk

My desk is where I was able to save the most money. Instead of buying a new white desk that may not even fit in my limited space, I decided to work with what I had. At school, I bought a inexpensive desk in an expresso color from Target. It is simple and the perfect size for my room. Since I like the look of white, I decided to grab some paint and a brush and got to work. I transformed my dark desk into a brand new white one.

To add some flare and functionality I found a vinyl white board sticker at Michael’s. I simply stuck it onto the front half of my desk creating a space for notes, ideas, and sketches. To finish up my desk, I added some decorative faux flowers, a vanity mirror, and my makeup brushes.


The mirror

I love my mirror. It is huge!! The best part is, it was free. I rescued it from the curb and just added some paint to the frame, Ta-Da! If you cant find a mirror around your neighborhood, Goodwill is an awesome place to find good deals. Above my mirror I played electrician and hung up a vanity light bar for some extra light.


The Storage

Storage was actual the main purpose of this little project. I took a trip to Ikea and purchased a set of small drawers. If you follow any beauty blogger ever they all for the most part have the same 5 or 9 Alex drawers. In the future I am planning on adding some fun knobs or maybe even some color. But for now they work just fine. To organize the drawers I made some dividers out of poster board and some fabric.

IMG_0439_2 IMG_0441_2


Sorry for not posting for like a week! I managed to completely forget my password in order to get on here and write things! Ill make it up to you though!!




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