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Totally Tulle

Hello my fellow fashionites!


Lately I have really been into making my own Pinterest worthy clothes, plus a little d.i.y. is needed from time to time. My latest creation however is something I have been dying to make for months!! It is a fabulous tulle skirt! Now I know you may be thinking, “umm, isn’t 20 something too old to wear a tutu?” Well if Betsey Johnson isn’t too old to wear tulle, then neither am I. My main inspiration behind my skirt was from none other than Carrie Bradshaw (of Sex and the City). She was able to wear a mid length tulle skirt and make it look absolutely chic and very grown up. I see the tulle skirt as being a super girly way to add some fun into your wardrobe.


If you still are afraid of committing to a full on tulle skirt, look for a fuller circle skirt that has the essence of tulle without actually being tulle! Some great stores include Loft, H&M, Zara, and Nordstrom.

Here are some of my favs!

This eyelet skirt from Loft gives the visible interest of tulle, without going super bold.


Go super bold with this full skirt from Zara, the best part is that it has pockets!!


This lace skirt from H&M is such a great alternative to tulle!


A tulle skirt can be styled in a variety of ways, from work wear to a day to night piece, with the right pairings this full skirt can become a staple.

For work: Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to work wear. By wearing pieces that are slightly different then the rest of your coworkers, not only will you stand out but also show off your creativity. At the office I would suggest pairing your skirt with a bold top, whether it be a bright pop of color or a print, your top will help balance out the fuller bottom. To add structure add a simple black blazer or a leather jacket. A jacket is not only practical for super cold office buildings, but also allows the outfit to maintain shape. Because this skirt is a statement piece on its own, I would suggest opting for a neutral accessory palate.


This is an awesome structured blazer from H&M that will help polish off your professional look.


For Day to Night: This skirt is super simple to dress down during the day and step it up a notch at night. If you are a woman on the go, pairing a full skirt with a pair of sneakers such as Converse or Keds, is chic and comfy. When pairing your skirt with sneakers, opt for a more relaxed top such as a loose t-shirt, tucked in loosely to give your waist definition. When taking your tulle skirt and tee into the night, simply throw on your favorite pair of heels and instead of tucking in your t-shirt, make it a crop top. Taking one corner of your tee and make a cute knot, making the shirt your desired length. For one last final touch, add a pop of your favorite shade of red to your lips.

First let me tell you how to make this super simple skirt (or wear to buy one).

For those ladies out there who don’t have the time or the desire to make a tulle skirt, you can most certainly buy one! I am crushing on this grey skirt from LuLu’s.


And this muted lavender/pink color skirt from Anthropologie is gorgeous for the spring/summer time.4120211624002_055_b

You will need:

Tulle (around 6 yards)

Lining (3 yards)



Measuring Tape

Sewing Machine

  • The second best part of this project is picking out what color skirt you want to make. Since its summer time I chose to make a lighter blush skirt, but I know for the winter I may create something darker. Just pick the color that will work best for you, because at the end of the day you are dressing for you.
  • Now decision time, how large do you want to make your skirt? I chose to keep mine rather small and wanted only three layers to my skirt. I purchased 6 yards of tulle along with 3 yards of lining and had plenty of scraps!


  • Make sure to measure your hips comfortable and then divide by 6.28. This is your waist radius. Marking along the double folded edge of lining, mark your measurements and start cutting! You should end up with a complete circle. Repeat this step for all of the layers of tulle.
  • Once the layers are cut out its time to start sewing. Placing all the layers together, baste stitch the waist. It is important to the back stitch during this step! After completing the baste stitch, with the bobbin thread, start pulling. This creates gathers in the skirt. Once the waist is back to your original measurements, you are one step away from your tulle skirt!
  •  The last step is sewing in the elastic waistband. Turning the skirt inside out (lining up) pin your measured and cut elastic to the waist. Start sewing beneath the baste stitch making sure to pull the elastic tight.

Voila! Your skirt is finished. Now go out into the world looking flirty and fabulous!


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