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Fitness Tips: Sneakers for $50 or less!

Being healthy in America is one of the most expensive ways to live. From natural foods to workout gear, living a health lifestyle can really add up. Over the past couple of years I have been trying to think of creative ways to eat and work out on a low budget. I am one of those people that belongs in a bubble because I am allergic not only to wheat and yeast but also dairy, chocolate, and soy. Essentially everything that tastes good in life! My food costs for just me can be close to $100, so I don’t have much money to spare on workout gear and gym costs.

Luckily I am able to use my student recreation center to workout, but when it comes to looking fabulous I have to cut some corners. So in order to show all you fab ladies on a budget that it is possible, I found 3 pairs of running shoes for, wait for it… $50!!!

The best way to find quality and cute sneakers is to browse the clearance section online and in stores!


Nike Pre Montreal Racer Vintage on sale for $49.97!

I love these shoes because they are simple in design and color. If you are investing your hard earned money into a pari of sneakers, it is always a good idea to consider neutral colors for your feet. Having black sneakers also lets you rock all those bright leggings!


Reebok Z Goddess on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $49.97

This sneakers are so funky, I love them! The pop of green on the sole and architectural design is a sure way to stand out on a budget. Reebok is a good running shoe and is such a good quality that these are a steal.


New Balance 501 on sale at Foot Locker for $44.99

This sneaker from New Balance comes in a couple different colors. The added lift helps those women who need an extra boost in their step. At only $45 I don’t know if there is a better deal out there!

I wish you all luck in shopping and workout journey. Don’t forget you are all beautiful!


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