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decorating DIY style


As I am getting older I have really grown to love decorating. Now that I have my own apartment and can really make things my own I have grown obsessed. The only downside to decorating s that everything is so expensive! On a college students budget, it can be really hard to find things that look nice but are still affordable. That is why I tend to do things myself! DIYing is not for everyone, but there are honestly somethings that are so easy todo it doesn’t require much skill.


I am obsessed with  my Instagram wall! It was probably the most expensive thing I did in my room, but it was the most worth it. I take pride in my pictures and I really love the 4×4 size of the Instagram photo. All I did was print out all the photos I wanted at Walgreens in the Instagram size. Once I picked up the prints, I used some tape and my naked eye and started putting them on my wall.



Another way I added some life to my walls was by stringing some white christmas lights on the wall. Even though it may seem strange to have holiday lights on your wall all year round, it is a good way to add dimension and brightness to your room. I decided to paint and glitter some clothes pins and hang photos from my lights. By adding some pictures, it takes away form the Christmas feel!

IMG_3267 IMG_3268 IMG_3269

My bookshelf from Target is honestly one of the best things I bought for my apartment. It is where I keep all my books (duh!), printer, and other odds and ends. On top I have this lamp which I made myself. It was really easy to do and brought life to an old boring lamp. To make it all you need is an old lamp (or one from the thrift store), fake flowers, hot glue, and paint. I painted the base a turquoise blue and then just hot glued some white daisies to the lamp shade. Viola! You’re done. On my wall I just hung up a Chanel shopping bag (because I’m obsessed) and a framed Life magazine cover of Audrey Hepburn. This cover I actually found at my grandparents farm house. So ask family members if they have any old magazines, you may find a gem!

IMG_0885 IMG_0887

Lastly, I decorated my desk with an owl vase from WalMart and some fake flowers. I also made these canvas boards to hang above my closet. I just mod-podged a picture to a canvas board and then boom you have a fun picture board. I decided to write on mine, but you can just leave the picture by itself if you wish!

I hope you enjoyed my creative and inexpensive ways to decorate your room or apartment! I love what I have done, but am always look for more ideas. Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below some of your favorite DIY decorations!




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  1. November 10, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    awesome ideas and thanks for sharing Anna! I particularly enjoyed the IG wall, and the mason jar pencil holders. We actually made a few DIY tutorials (a mason jar lamp and some wall-mounted mason jar holders) recently. I think you might see some affordable items or ideas you can re-create yourself 😉 Thanks for sharing!!

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